Technology in the Bathroom

We’re all aware that the bathroom is increasingly being viewed as a multi- functional area of the home that’s much more than just a practical space, and because of this, manufacturers are constantly developing new products and to ensure that any bathroom has the ability to resemble a luxury hotel or spa- like setting.

The likes of whirlpool baths and steam cabins undoubtedly help to create this type of aesthetic, but technology, which is now undoubtedly a part of everyone’s daily lives is certainly playing its part in the evolution of bathroom design too. It was only a matter of time before this occurred, but there is certainly and array of products now available that embrace modern day technology, and with new innovations constantly being revealed, it’s exciting to imagine what the bathroom of the future might be like.

One of my favourite bathroom technologies has to be the waterproof television; Whether you want to catch the news headlines in the mornings, or enjoy a film whilst unwinding in the bath of an evening, the thought of having a television in the bathroom represents ultimate luxury to me.

Providing consumers with the lavishness of having a home cinema in the comfort of their bathroom, the waterproof designs that are now available make use of Bluetooth technology, allowing users to not only watch tv, but also to listen to music whilst in the bath. Of course, they are fully waterproofed and come with a floating waterproof remote control and speakers too, which also means they can be installed in outside locations.

At Robert Lee, we’ve extended our product portfolio this year to include Techvision’s Waterproof TVs.

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