Geberit DuoFresh

A recent survey of 1,000 homeowners conducted by leading sanitary systems brand Geberit found that nasty niffs in the bathroom were a problem for 87% of people. The rise in number of en-suite bathrooms in loft conversions and cloakrooms converted from under stairs cupboards is exacerbated the issue, with these spaces often lacking much in the way of natural ventilation.

The survey, which looked into the bathroom habits of UK consumers, found that 29% of respondents are bothered most about odours when using the toilet, with a further 23% of homeowners stating that people not using air freshener after using the bathroom which annoyed them the most.

Retailers stocking the Geberit DuoFresh odour extraction system are therefore in a privileged position, not only to be able to extend their profit margins by upselling from a standard framing system, but also to restore harmony to households throughout the country, simply by explaining the virtues of this clever, simple to install, technology to their customers.

Bringing a whole new feeling of freshness to the bathroom, Geberit DuoFresh extracts nasty odours from the bathroom without the user even knowing it is there, as it is cleverly concealed within the cistern behind the wall. Even a bathroom that is poorly ventilated will be left with pure fresh air, as active carbon filters clean the air and resupply it to the room. Rather than simply masking an odour as with an air freshener, any lingering unpleasant smells are dealt with directly in the pan, where clean air is gently expelled as soon as the push-button on the flush plate is activated. Even better, with Geberit DuoFresh even the flush water emits a pleasant smell thanks to a practical insert for in-cistern blocks, which offer a discreet alternative to unsightly rim blocks.

While nasty bathroom niffs may not be the easiest subject to talk about with customers, Geberit DuoFresh offers many additional benefits besides leaving the bathroom feeling fresh and clean that are well worth highlighting too.

Geberit DuoFresh is less harmful to the environment than having to resort ot using an aerosol, whilst the bathroom will look more uncluttered too, and with no need to open a window in bathrooms that do have nautral venitaltion, customers can save on their heating bills during the colder months too. Furthermore, the system works alongside Geberit’s Sigma dual flush concealed cistern, so it has water-saving credentials too, whilst customers can choose from a range of stylish Sigma40 flush plates for the finishing touch.

To find out more about how retailers can help restore marital harmony and banish family feuds with Geberit DuoFresh visit or call Geberit on 0800 077 8365. They can also be found tweeting at @GeberitUK or on Facebook at

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